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April, 2018

Say hello again to the fashion month! Doing makeup with creative team at Colchester fashion and textiles  for the graduates designers brochures.

Hairstylists Fringe Art Team



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March, 2018

Beautiful spring bride Leticia. Can't wait for proffesional pics from DeimantePhotoCreations. Hair by Fringe Art Team, flowers by Vintage wedding.




February, 2018

Lovely transformation at proms trial.



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January, 2018

New eyeshadow pallete arrived! Very pigmented eyeshadow pallette perfect for wedding, day time or evening looks to creat. Just apply as a base or out of corner add a little bit shimmer in the middle and VOILA beautiful!  

In love with VISEART 





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January 2018,

Busy bee now working at the salon Serenity Room Hair and Beauty in Colchester. If you love to have your makeup done at the salon get in touch at






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December, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my darlings! Hope you had good one, I had fantastic one this year: projects for fashion, charity, weddings, meeting lovely people that's why I enjoy most my work! Wishing you all happy and inspiring New 2018! Love you all and see you soon :)  




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Noveber, 2017

Braintree weddings

That's why I love this job! She is 60 years old and still in love and happy woman. Beautiful November bride Birute.

Pic and makeup by me.




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October, 2017

Had a glamour masterclass for asian/dark skin tones in London at Kristina Gasperas Academy. As always good and very informative course. 




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September, 2017

Coggeshall wedding, Sophia & Daniel

Had a beautiful bride Sophia and her bridal party to makeover at her family home in Coggeshall for the bridal prep.

After makeover before leaving Sophia's mum kindly invited me to have look around in the garden where the reception was going to be taking place. It was in and around the tipi D.I.Y wedding! You could see it was huge amount of hard work I loved seeing  everything from the origami cranes to the cake...Also they made all the garden games 'Tin Can Alley', 'Ring Toss", "Coconut Shy".

Thank you so much Sophia for having me to be apart of you wedding.




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August, 2017

Click on the link to find out more about local florist  A Vintage weddings. But firstly, please have a read below :)

I am makeup artist and I am mum of three. I do a lot of walking and my favourite places are parks, the seaside, forests, playgrounds etc. So, one day at the park I meet another mum and we started to chat about our children. We got chating and she told me she was a florist! We shared our instagram details and when I came home I went stright to her page and thought what amazing work she does. I am happy to share with all of you her work and highly recommending her to everyone!






July, 2017

Beautiful makeover before and after for beautiful Anna.




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June, 2017

Beautiful holiday, special occasion or every day lashes. Natural looking Russian volume semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Book now for only £50!




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May, 2017

May is a very busy month for me. Every year I work with very talented young designers, helping them get ready for a final project or fashion show. This is one of the reasons I love fashion make up - I get create the make up look I want.

Photographer: Deimate Photocreations

Designer: Rachna Gurung








May, 2017

Had a great time at 'Fashion Show' with some talented young designers. Behind the scenes. Make up 'nude'.




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 May, 2017

High-glamour make up course with very talented Kristina Gasperas team member, Ausra, with whom I learned specifically about glamorous makeup such as the Kim Kardashian look.







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April, 2017

Amazing lashes! Russian volume 4D. Book now for only £50! Please note: 24 hours patch test is required.





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April, 2017

Bridal trial with beautiful face. BOOK NOW FOR A WEDDING TRIAL! X




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March, 2017

Refreshing my skills at Flawles lashes by Loreta! Very professional semi-permanent Russian volume eyelash technician she is one of the most respected international lash trainers and judges in the industry. 





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March, 2017

As a mother of three little children it's challenging to jugle everything, but when you are make up lover with a big passion and had followed your favourite make up artist on social media for years and get the opportunity  to learn everything you can learn from her, it's to good to miss! This is what happened to me. I have loved Kristina's work since I started my make up career  and I finally got to meet her. Amazing! I really enjoyed every minute! X




7-12-14 Frozen Supper 5  


March, 2017

Russian Lashes also known as 2D 3D 4D 5 D 6 D lashes - are fast becoming the most popular eye treatments and are perfect for those that want a fuller, softer look with a certain depth. The lashes are much finer then individual lashes so between 2 to 6  bouquet of lashes are place on one of your natural lashes giving you a fuller more natural finish. I will therefore decide with the client on the volume of lashes we are looking to create.




badge-gold en EN  


March, 2017

I have received the recommended Gold Badge! So excited and very thankful to all my lovely ladies! 




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2017, March

Photobombing a selfie! Can only mean the model is happy with her look.




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February, 2017

What a beautiful bridal look, thank you Abril for coming.




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February, 2017

Really enjoying my skill refreshing with bridal award wining Kristina Gasperas.




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January, 2017

I am pleased to offer a semi-permanent classic (mink) or Russian Lashes also known as 2D 3D 4D 5 D 6 D lash extension service. Whether you need eyelashes for a wedding or the special day, a holiday or simply everyday, I have the ability to enhance and maximize your natural beauty for any occasion.




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January, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all had a great time. It's a time to start strong..

I strated the year with the very lovely and very warm Gail whose son had a wedding for which I did her make up. She is a fabulous woman and very spiritual and I enjoyed getting to know her. I met her twice for trials and once on the actual wedding day and each time was like a gift. She made me smile and made me think about what's important in life. I love my job, not just  because it is about external beauty but also because it is about internal beauty and the chance to meet and learn from special people like Gail.

  "The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence" so wear it for 2017! :)





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December, 2016

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions perfect for the weddings, holidays, every day or any occasion!

#russianvolume #2D3D4D5D6Deyelashextensions




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December, 2016

Wising you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017! Thank you very much for your cards and kind words it means to me a lot...Love you all..






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December, 2016

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions perfect for weddings, holiday or just every day.

#russianvolume #2D-6Deyelashextensions




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December, 2016

Special occasion makeover with gorgeous mother of the bride.





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October, 2016 

GOOD NEWS! Russian lashes or 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D service available now!



October, 2016

Lovely autumn bride Charlotte...She is incredible...I found that I always fall in love with my clients...and today was no different... :)

With inspiration from the warm colours of her autumn bouquets, I matched the right colour of lipstick to her beautiful lips...


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September, 2016 

Fitness makeup with very strong and gorgeous Irina #lovemyjob

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September, 2016

Russian volume eyelash extensions and eyebrow waxing, tweezing and tinting.

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August, 2016

Love this makover for family photoshoot, very big thank you for coming gorgeous girl :)

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August, 2016

Incredible summer bride Adriana...

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July, 2016

Had a very warm and beautiful weddings..Two happy sisters makovered by me...#lovemyjob

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July, 2016

...and life is like a song... sweet couple... Makeover by me on the hotest day ever :)



July, 2016

And one more beautiful summer bride Sarah with her lovely mother :) Was such a big pleasure to makeover you both #lovemyjob #happy

Photogrpher Tom Needham

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June, 2016

Happy and beautiful summer bride Sarah..

Photographer Nina Carman

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 June, 2016

"Two hearts, two lives, one dream...Forever.."

Very lovely couple fall in love with the diamond rain... Was rainy day but all happy...

Ada Wedding Team creations, well done once again.




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 June, 2016

Working with a talented upcoming fashion stars from Colchester Shcool of Art.

Designer Nat Gurung

Photographer Deimante PhotoCreations






June, 2016

Colchester School of Art.

Phorographer Deimante PhotoCreations

Designer Shona Scrutton




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June, 2016

Colchester School of Art.

Photographer Deimante PhotoCreations

Designer Chandni Patel

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 May, 2016

Lovely, warm, beautiful singer Shapla Salique.

Had a such a great time to makeover her for her two albums and video



April, 2016

Another beauty came to my beauty room had a bridal trial and was very happy with results, lookig forward to makover her and bridal pary on July.

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March, 2016

So happy to share again Shapla Salique second album 'NO BOUNDARIES'. You can listen and download on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon!

Make up by me.

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February, 2016

Lovely special occasion make up, before and after..Thank you Chantale Saiz.

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January, 2016

She is gorgeous without makeup but with the right makeup she looks pretty powerful..

Mother of the bride - makeover before and after..

Hairstyling by agness




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December, 2015

She is gorgeous...

 IMG 0014  


December, 2015

Before and after makeover coming soon..Our outstanding Vaida, love beauty creations :)

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November, 2015

Beautiful bride Toma with a real skin and glossy lips. Natural, fresh, beautiful look as she was looking for.




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October, 2015

Lovely halloween photoshoot with a great team. Make up by me. Find more photos on my facebook page or photo gallery.

 'Darkwood Secrets'

Styling and photography by Deimante PhotoCreations

Hair: Fringe Art Team

Model: Anna Sawyer

Skirt: Sarah Day



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October, 2015

Editorial at SLINK magazine. Very amazing to see one of my favourite make up at paper (and to know it will be seen worldwide). Big thank you for a fabulous team once again! Hairstyling - FringeArt Team/Photographer - Deimante PhotoCreations

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September, 2015

Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day..

Makeup, hairstyling, photography, styling made by wonderful Ada Wedding Team, love working together...

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September, 2015

So happy to share talented singer Shapla Salique and her new single 'BAULA GAAN' .... Singer look created again by wonderful Ada Wedding Team, love working together...

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